Why do I need a Domain name?
A Domain name is your address on the internet, if someone knows your Domain name then they can navigate their way to your website.

Where do I get one and how much do they cost?
We can now offer domain registrations through an ICANN accredited registrar, with access to your own control panel you can manage every aspect of your domain registration.`

Prices are as follows:  .com/.net/.org price per year: $22

If you would like we can arrange the domain name registration on your behalf when we set up your hosting plan and take care of everything.

If you would like an Australian domain name ie. or then we can also register these on your behalf. Australian domain names can be registered for two year terms and are only available to registered business or organisation with offices in Australia.

Prices are as follows: : $66 $33


Domain Management (Australian Domains ie.,
If you have registered an Australian domain through WEBY Systems (ie. then please logon at WEBY AU Domains



Domain Management (International Domains ie. .com, .net)
For all other domains please logon at WEBY Domains.


All domains registrations proccessed by WEBY Systems are completed through an ICANN accredited registrar for more details on the  Registrants' Benefits and Responsibilities click here.