Tutorials and User Guides

Our New Flash Tutorials and user guides are now available to assist you.

We have grouped them according to function.


Add New Email Account

Add Email Forwarder (Redirect Mail)

Add Email Autoresponder

Email Filtering

Catch All Email

Webmail Access



Add new FTP Account


Online File Manager

Using File Manager


MySQL Databases

Create a New Database

Manage Database with PHPMyAdmin



Password Protecting Directories

Using Hotlink Protection

Index Manger

Using IP Deny


Other Features

Addon Domains


Contact Information

Cron Jobs

Disk Usage Viewer

Error Pages

FrontPage Extensions

Changing Control Panel access Password

Redirecting URLs

Search Engine Submitions



Email Programs
Microsoft Outlook

Configure Outlook Express for Email Account

Setup Email Account in Outlook PDF

Setup Email Account in Outlook Express PDF

Mozilla Thunderbird

Setup Email Account in Mozilla Thunderbird PDF

iPhone/iPad setup

Setup Email on iPhone/iPad


FTP Programs
Smart FTP

Configure Site

Manage Files

If you are having problems connecting to the server then it may be the firewall on your PC blocking the program. SmartFTP have provided some information about this problem as well as some flash presentations to show you how to change the settings for Nortons and Zone Alarm to allow the program to work through the firewall information is available here http://www.smartftp.com/support/kb/index.php/58.



Configure Site

Manage Files

Transferring Files


Cute FTP

Configure Site


Transferring Files

Scheduled Transfers


WHM Functions (Reseller/ Multi-domain Accounts)

Creating New Packages

Setting up a Skeleton Directory

Managing Your Accounts

Managing FrontPage Extension

Parked and Addon Domains

Managing Suspended Accounts

Bandwidth Monitoring