About Us

WEBY Systems was founded in September 2002, based in Brisbane Australia our goal was to provide cost effective website hosting solutions to small to medium businesses in South East Queensland. With steady growth we have expanded our horizons and now have customers throughout Australia and Worldwide.

2004 saw us upgrade our server equipment and expand into Domain names and SSL certificates. With the increased interest in these two areas we are now developing standalone websites for each product.

2006 saw us restructure the hosting side of the business with a move into Australian based hosting in addition to our US based hosting products. Ongoing development of our own software solutions for client websites with the development of our own shopping cart and content management systems.

2007 we are looking at further expansion of our Australian hosting with geographical diversity as well as further development of our site builder software.

WEBY Systems is privately owned.

WEBY Systems
ABN: 99 896 374 064
PO Box 1001 Mount Ommaney QLD 4074 Australia

The People

Ron Rogers - Owner/Manager

Ronald Rogers

Well I am WEBY Systems, at the moment I am the only staff member, as the business continues to grow that may change but for the moment there is just me.

After completeing High School I went onto TAFE with the goal of getting into engineering, while there I applied for a technical apprenticeship with Telecom and was accepted. Four years later I completed my apprenticeship and became a Telecommunications Technician.

During my 19.5 years with Telecom (now Telstra) change became a way of life, technology advanced and with it the systems we used and I was fortunate enough to ride the wave of change. Never one to leave things alone if I could come up with a better way of doing things I would improve the process where I could. Some of my bosses would question what I was up to but when I was able to show them the results and the fact that work that used to take hours could now be completed in minutes they could go back to their office and leave me to get on with it.

I became interested in databases and application development as most of the work I was involved in was exchange maintainence and providing new services Telephone and Data. Service records and work process required a large volume of information to be filtered and calculated to come up with an end result. For work orders rather than interperate each work order I built a robot that would read all the orders and just list the work required grouped by area. This meant 4 hours of work was reduced to 20 minutes and the lists could be sent to the areas required to get the work done, of course this was all and good but it effectively put me out of a job as I had automated myself out of a job.

In 1998 I moved to the Project Management team in Brisbane who handled large telecomminications provisioning projects for Government and Business, I never made it into project management itself as I went straight to work as a number cruncher and application developer turning out solutions to improve the work flow and evaluating the existing process structure. This in turn lead to a job with a special project team that was setup to do that for all lines of business in service provisioning.

Some of the newer systems we were evaluating and working on were web based and to me that looked the way to go where possible so I became very interested and set about learning all I could. Much of the work we were doing resulted in improved productivity an reduction of costs (very much the focus of Telstra at the time), most of these savings were the result of less staff required to do the same amount of work. This resulted in many restructures and redundencies being offered.

As a hobby I started WEBY Systems in 2002 and did a bit of work part time developing web sites and improving my skills.

Eventually what goes around comes around and our group was put under the microscope, we had looked at most areas and those that had not completed all the changes at least had everything mapped out so not much more for us to do. I was offered a job working for a team in Melbourne that were rationalising the Telstra server network, they needed someone who could evaluate the impact on all the Microsoft Access database solutions that had been built (by people like me!) and get them to work on the new network of find a solution. So that’s what I did acting as the liason between the project team and the developers at the work face evaluating the different applications and devloping a raft of solutions.

Once again I had worked myself out of a job and this time I had really done it, everyone else on the LAN rationalisation project team were external contractors brought in for their specific skills for the duration of the project but I was still a Permanent Award based employee a fact that had been overlooked by the co-ordinator of the project. As the project was settling down into its final phase and all the processes had been worked out, the people involved with the scoping, documenting and development of the tools and processes were exiting the project. When it came to me they realised that they had a problem, finally a solution was worked out, they had to give me a Redundency Package.

So long Telstra hello world, and here we are WEBY Systems is now my full time job and I can honestly say I really like my boss and the business I work for :) .

Other Agencies

Server Hardware and Software
For specialised tasks like server management I rely on the skills of the teams who own and operate the equipment, they maintain the hardware and the base Operating Systems of the servers. They also ensure that everything is up to date and secure.

For day to day system changes I take care of most of it but if I run into any problems the companies I deal with have full time support staff rostered on that I can call upon to step in and take over or provide guidance.

Graphic Design
I will say it up front I am not a graphic designer, give me a copy of what you want developed and I can reproduce it as a web page but to come up with the actual design I rely on an external source. I work with some very talented Graphic Designers and am happy to give you their contact details.

If you are a graphic designer or you already have one working on the design for your website then I would be happy to build it for you to your specifications.

Coding /Specialised Applications ie. custom forms, databases, forums, blogs etc.
That’s where I come in, developing the code for a web page and turning a design into a working web site with all the features that you require. Custom sites or modification from an existing site, primarily for Linux (and *nix based) servers rather than Windows servers.