Domain names

Domain names are paid for in advance for the term of their registration.

Australian domain names (ie, etc..) are registered for a two year term and can be renewed 90 days before they expire.

International domain names (ie  .com, .net, .org etc...) are registered for a term of 1 to 10 years and can be renewed at any time, when you renew the additional term is added to the current registration period.

At no time do you "Own" a domain name you are only the current leaseholder.

If you ask us to register a domain for you then will do our best to secure the domain but can not guarantee the purchase. The domain will be registered in your name with your contact details as the registrant. We will maintain the domain with our registrar but you may at anytime after 60 days transfer the domain to another registrar should you so choose.

We will renew domains for you as they fall due as long as the domain is under our control, if you have the domain registered with another registrar or transfer away from us then we will not be able to look after your domain.

Costs for Registration/Renewal of domains
If you ask us to register or renew a registration for a domain name we will charge your account with the standard charges as outlined on the Domain page.