Terms and Conditions for Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers

The terms and conditions for Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Dedicated Servers are in addition to the standard terms and conditions for WEBY Systems clients. The terms and conditions for use for a VPS and a Dedicated server are the same, both products will be referred to as "Server" or "Servers" in the rest of this document.

Last Updated: 12/05/2008


Account Setup
Your account will be charged on the date that the Server is setup, the first invoice will be for the balance of the month of setup and a full charge for the following month.

Unless specified otherwise in the contract for the server month to month leases will be subject to a setup charge of $200.

Servers are billed one month in advance, accounts are prepared in the first week of every month for the following month.  If payment is not recieved by the due date the Server may be taken offline pending resolution.

Clients wishing to cancel their Server must give a minimum of 30 days notice by email to sales@weby.com.au, if you do not give us ample notice then you will be liable for an additional month.

Overdue accounts for Servers will result in immediate suspension of service, the Server will be shutdown and taken offline and all information on the Server may be deleted at our discretion.


All servers are hardened and secured prior to handover, unless you request otherwise this includes locking down ssh access for the root account and installing and configuring a firewall. The control panel will be setup and configured with the same features as our own servers.

After handover you will be responsible for the security of the server. If you also purchase a security and maintanance package then we will maintain and monitor the security of the server as specified in the package.

You will be responsible for the access username and password you have been provided, if you think security has been breached you must notify us immediately so we can take action.


Unless you have requested otherwise we will turn on the standard backup process for the control panel installed on the Server. Backups for all accounts on the server will be made to the /backup folder. Off Server backups will not be performed unless you have arranged that feature as part of your server contract.


As part of the contract for your Server you will have an allocation of resources, please note unlike a shared server the allocations on a Server are also used by the operating system and the control panel. The standard installation of CentOS + cPanel and associated files combined with System logs and backups will use approximately 3GB, any other additional modules and software will take up additional space. This before you install any accounts on the server.

The system also performs daily updates which will also be counted against your bandwidth allocation, normally this is only a small volume of traffic 10MB - 20MB a day.


You may use the Server for any legal purpose except for game servers so long as it does not breach our standard AUP. 


You will be held responsible for all accounts on the server, your own and any resold accounts to a third party.