New Servers coming online


Provisioning of our new servers is almost complete and we will be sending out notices shortly outlining the procedure for moving sites.

As this will be a move over to new hardware all software is being loaded from a fresh install.
The servers will be running CentOS7 and PHP7 we will be retaining MySQL but everything will be set up with the latest stable versions. Some sites will need to be updated to work correctly on the new platform without errors and we will be working you to make the process as smooth as possible.

The existing server names and name servers will not be carried across as we will rearranging accounts across the new servers.

Assp Deluxe will also be updated to version 2 to take advantage of the new hardware setup.

With the move it means that there will be a change in how you access your email, previously you had to use the server name as the SMTP/IMAP/POP server when logging into your email account. You will now be able to use your own domain name as the mail server and still access the secure ports for sending and receiving email.

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