Kite Server unavailable due to network issue


The Kite server is currently unavailable due to a network problem at the data center.
The data center staff are currently investigating the problem.

The outage was reported at 1 am
We do not have an estimate on when the problem will be resolved, we are waiting on an update from the data center.  

8am Update
The data center has restored internal connections so I can monitor the server, it is still running normally and some external traffic is getting through now so we have partial access. They are still working on the problem so it is not fully restored yet. Further updates as we have them.


9:30am Update
Server access is still having intermittent problems.
The server itself is running normally but they are still working on the network access in and out of the data center, we are still waiting on a final clearance from the network techs that it has been corrected.


10am Update
Network problem has been fixed and full connectivity has been restored.
We are back to normal monitoring of all services. 


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