Design - Templates

Templates are the frame work or layout for your website, determining where the componants that make up a webpage will be displayed. Rather than just having one very long page most websites will break up the content into individual pages, to keep things consistent and make the information easy to follow across the website each page should be built on the same template.

Like a building a template has some components that are required and some optional ones.Required

* Header - The Header is the top of the page and will normally contain the logo, site or company name and a short tag line.
* Footer - The Footer is the bottom of the page and will normally contain the privacy and copyright information and site contact info.
* Navigation - The Navigation or menu can be placed anywhere, most commonly it will be at the top directly under the Header or on the left. Where you place it will be up to you but it should be consistent on every page.
* Body - The Body of the page contains the content that you want to display, it is the area between the Header and the Footer.


* Banner - A Banner is like advertising it can be a static image or active repeating the same information over and over. They can be placed anywhere on the site but have too many and they can swamp the impact of any information that you are offering.
* Forms - Forms take input from the visitor to you site and perform an action, a simple form is one where the visitor can leave a comment. Complex forms can be used to create an online application interacting with a datbase in realtime like a shopping cart.
* Animation - You can add animation to you website through animated banners, buttons or images or for even more impact the use of Flash.
* Sound/Video - You can add sound or video to your website with the option of auto play or user controlled interface.
* The optional list goes on and on, just a few are covered here but anything you have seen can be added to your website.

The Templates we develop are designed to be web standards compliant, this is done to ensure that the website will look the same now matter what browser you are using be it Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla Firefox or for Apple mac users, Safari and even IE5.2 for MAC where possible.